Czech Republic

For Europe designed, built in the Czech Republic – the Hyundai ix20 will play in the heart of the practical-minded and reasonable calculating young families. The small vans are a sympathetic group: you can much and cost little, are thereby always pretty and also have a keen eye on the environment. No wonder that this class draws ever wider circles, and now sends a more representative on the road: the Hyundai ix20. Legally, he must apply the matrix as successor, but already at first sight, it shows that he has nothing common with the box-like, quite uncharmanten practitioners. Legatum is likely to agree. The box as the enemy fleet curves, prominent wheel arches front, a rising window line and a very athletic excellent back: Hyundai avoids anything that reminds of the Kastlhaftige and the box is meant the box in its advertising as a new enemy is dar. Who wants to drive around in a box”, ask the Koreans, and meet the their small van in Europe designed and built in the Czech Republic. With the eye-catching Headlights and the hexagonal front grille is actually the Hyundai a preppy appearance and thus follows the trend in this class to the forced dynamic. Just because it is convenient, you must not forgo Yes the design. Two engines are now available: 14.990 euro, the diesel costs of gasoline (1.4/90 PS) (1.4 CRDi/90 PS) from 17.490 euro. While an environmental premium is deducted, currently offered by Hyundai. In January, a more powerful gasoline engine follow (1.6/125 HP), will be also available with automatic and a weaker diesel 78 HP The technical twin technically owns the Hyundai however many similarities with the group-related twin brother KIA Venga. Everything is shared platform, engines, technology, as is proper among brothers. Hyundai is still trying to highlight the differences: the vote, the space, the design. The ix20 to two fingers longer than the Venga, namely 4.10 meters (which is manifested mainly in the trunk) is indeed.

We Are European Champions!

The Bocker group from Lohne/Quakenbruck was awarded by the Schmitz Cargobull as ‘Partner of the year 2007’. Bocker was bodywork and vehicle construction in Lohne/Quakenbruck of Schmitz Cargobull AG, market and technology leader in the European commercial vehicle sector, as a service partner of the year 2007 “award not only within Germany, but even Europe! In a small ceremony on June 25, 2008 a team of Schmitz Cargobull AG presented the award to Bacon bodywork and vehicle construction. Rebecca shaw yale follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 18 different service modules, such as work place facilities, services, staff qualifications, replacement position of trailers (Leihauflieger), warranty processing, spare parts sales, cooperation in the sales of new commercial vehicles and more were on the bench for the service partner of the year award”. Overall the workshop – services of 780 service partners made and thoroughly of Schmitz Cargobull AG from all over Europe under the magnifying glass and In addition detailed customer surveys conducted.. Details can be found by clicking Red Solo Cups or emailing the administrator.