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Nearly 900 unemployment benefit II receiver and about 70 employers met fast. “Long-term unemployed will benefit from this application form in particular”, Klaus Muller-star husband, Managing Director of ARGE Cologne is: even candidates, whose Unterlagen, screened by human resources managers because they fit not quite into the grid, get the chance on a personal conversation. ” Grade point average, a goof in the work certificate, question marks in the Vita are secondary in the job speed dating, because at the decisive moment it depends primarily on the personality. An analysis that can underpin the Cologne with numbers, because the results from the application Marathon prove that many applicants only points through her personal taste. As a whole, then 3,522 application discussions were held. The HR management have almost every third candidate assessed then as well suited for the job”. In about 600 cases, they invited the applicant to an interview in the company, almost 2,000 times she requested detailed documents. Some candidates, even on the same day with a binding job commitment, could go home. Without any preparation does not however: the Cologne at the start of the event, participants received an application package: a flyer with picture, resume and experience, they handed the potential employers. To participate in the job speed dating, they had previously first pass through a selection process in the weeks. Candidates were then prepared in a coaching on the special form of the short presentation. Requirement for participation was that the applicant already had experience. Speed dating opens the doors while the immediate signature under a contract of employment which pays exception, but for many applicants is the participation, because this is the first step, to discuss follow-up talks the re-entry into the profession to create. The job speed dating saves us a lot of time in the process of the candidate search, it is an effective form to the pre-selection,”Martin sums up axis, team leader at the sports specialist Decathlon, which established contacts in this way when the job-speed-dating in Bremerhaven. Many HR managers emphasize, again, that counts for them above all the first impression of a candidate, but they mean the outer impression and the appearance of more. Few dare actually to establish a decision for or against a candidate”, confirms also Werner Schmidt, Sales Director IT recruitment, Executive Search & selection at the Dusseldorf Personaldienstleister Harvey Nash. A job speed dating could be just a small mosaic stone in the great puzzle of the decision, especially when it comes to challenging positions and high professional qualifications. The lower the requirements, so Schmidt, the sooner the concept could access certainly. However, the trend was of the Job speed dating for many companies an important instrument for the contacts in the context of the candidate marketing. Manager recruitment consultant practice – which only works if a customer did not set the requirements of and only a picture of the market wants to instead of a candidate on paper to bring the potential customer and to sell, then many good words you brings together customers and candidates alike for ten minutes”, reports the Harvey Nash. In turn these customers are extremely scarce in the current market situation.

Everyday School

Knowledge and increase more and more schools with the school wiki 2.0 technologies such as wikis and weblogs use Web targeted to encourage internal communication. The industrial school of wood technology (GHZ) Stuttgart uses already for some time on a school wiki to gather knowledge and the College to participate actively in the development of the school. To offer this possibility to other schools, the GHZ provides the wiki now together with the Freiburg software producer United planet free of charge. “Fribourg, January 15, 2009 – the commercial school of wood technology Stuttgart is model school of the Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg in the project operationally independent school” (OES). This project aims to develop of an efficient quality management approach for the professional schools in Baden-Wurttemberg. In the Center stands the security and development of the teaching and school quality. The systematic professionalisation of educational processes the school 2007 created an intranet with the platform-independent portal software Intrexx Xtreme of the Freiburg software company United planet. With this portal, it was possible to facilitate internal communication and exchanging technical information and materials to facilitate the preparation of teaching within a short time the school. With the help of Intrexx Xtreme we succeeded, to realize our ideas of optimum organization. The rapid information and communication channels of the portal make the daily work easier and reduce cost and time”, principal Birgit Scholze Thole explains the benefits of the portal solution. An important part of the intranet is the school wiki”, can set in which every teacher own posts. The themes are there freely. For example, the school board here can explain proper behavior in case of fire or the procedures for schools. It is possible that a teacher provides information on a student project in the wiki. Also supporting documents and materials can be appended to every post. In this way, it is possible permanently to collect knowledge and actively in the process of sustainable development of the school involving the entire College. Sustainable school development in this area is possible only through the distribution of educational information management on many shoulders. The school wiki makes much easier the work of the teachers, because they now at any time can draw if necessary on the experiences of their colleagues. It was formerly very expensive to organize a trip, if the Secretariat was closed and just to achieve none of their experienced colleagues, so this represents today no major problem with the help of the wiki. “Gives the Council the term excursion seekers teacher” in the search of the wiki contribution appears instantaneous trip “with the procedure and all necessary forms to download. The development history of contribution remains at any time to understand, as posts and documents separately from each other automatically get an ID, which ensures the security of revision. Under school-wiki make the GHZ and United planet the school wiki, as well as a descriptive Manual of the application now free to download ready. School Portal with over 30 proven applications, as well as information about the possible uses of intranets and enterprise portals in the school sector find the also free Intrexx Xtreme at schools.