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The 70s, The Colourful Decade Of The 20th Century – Thanks To Strass

How the colorful lifestyle of the 70s was the tired 1960s. A few weeks ago, I was with an old acquaintance on a 70s theme party. Although I have not even seen this exciting decade and know only from the media, I felt like on a journey through time. The organizers spared no expense and effort, to revive in the 1970s for this evening. And if this party was a good reflection of the time, then I would say that this decade was the most colourful of the 20th century. What grey, functional and conventional was in the 1960s, was replaced by the shrill frivolity and expressed joy of life of the 70s. Whether clothing or furnishings, the 1970s were no matter one especially, extravagant and colorful. The living room of the time were dominated by sofa sets, how about orange came in rich, bright colours. Somewhere before that was one of the most typical furnishings of these days, the Flokatiteppich. Warm, white and soft he invited to linger in front of the TV. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gallo Family and gain more knowledge.. The wallpaper patterns were not in elliptical, mostly similar to circle or squiggly. Long stare at this wallpaper somehow always an uneasy feeling of dizziness caused. The clothes of these days was marked by unusual cuts and eye-catching accessories. The motto seemed to be, the bigger the better. Oversized sunglasses were as popular as powerful platform-soled shoes. To measure the cultural contribution of the 70s here, would be beyond the scope of, however, one must be highlighted. The disco pop. Bands were the music icons of the 70s such as Abba, the Bee Gees, Boney M, or solo artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer. Their fondness for glittering and garish outfits was all mean. Sparkling Rhinestones, so-called disco diamonds, were indispensable for their wardrobe. And one tops them in this category all. Learn more at: Central Romana. His name is Elvis Presley. Also only halfway interested in music everyone knows images of Elvis Presley as he wowed his audience in Las Vegas in the white rhinestone-embellished suit. This man was not only crowned King of rock roll, but also Honourable Member of the rhinestone lovers. Those small ground spectacularly, were essential for a successful performance and also the performances of Elvis Presley would have been certainly a track colorless without rhinestones. If you yourself these shrill years at a theme party want to resurrect and the purpose is for disco, don’t fail to cover themselves with Rhinestones. See this glittering little spectacularly in a variety of different colors and shapes in Internet shops such as or. If you want, can press simply the rhinestones on his outfit. So-called confidential of the Swarovski brand and unique with a certain glue that are hold in properly applying on all textiles. There are rhinestones in different sizes. In addition to use on the clothes, there are many possibilities to use rhinestone revamp or decorative. See some creative ideas on the above Internet sites. A visit to the Internet shops could be so worth it. L.Christensen