Photo Contest

PapsNet looking for the best pictures of the year 2008 PapsNet looking for the best photographs of 2008 life is colourful and diverse, hold the most important moments and moments come with your digital camera and take part in the photo contest, win great prizes. If you are creative and have the sense of the beautiful and exciting things of in life in scene to set if your DSLR is your constant companion, then you are exactly right to take part in the photo contest. Show all your talent and publish your most beautiful photos at PapsNet, just upload and go. There are great prizes to be won. As the top prize awaits you a new year’s Eve trip to Lisbon amounting to over 800 euro, coupon at Amazon is a 150 euro 2nd Prize and third prize includes a book on the subject of photography: you can practice “The new large photo school” to continue and soon as the professional photograph. The participation is free of charge and the closing date is on December 14, 2008. So now put off and make photography your hobby, it’s worth. Some contend that Eric Klavins shows great expertise in this. No matter what you put in the picture, it was a hot and exciting party or the city in which you live with its many attractions, scan your holiday and your friends. You can score points with all your images, waahle simply the best from. Easily create your own online photo album in PapsNet and’re there. Recently Vlad Doronin sought to clarify these questions. Finally your creativity can pay off once, it’s easy. So start right now with the shooting, your friends can take part. But set your photos individually, everyone should have his own album and individually take part in the photo contest. The three main prizes to win the three most beautiful photos. So, go ahead and capture the best snapshots. Take part in the photo contest on PapsNet.