VATM Providers

\”‘Regulators depends on the children and runs the large’ value added services: NEXT ID Chief criticizes rip off the mobile service providers and inaction of the Federal Network Agency Cologne/Bonn – the premiums of the mobile network operators are exorbitant, without that content providers, carrying the business risk, would participate in it.\” Renatus Zilles, CEO of the Bonn value-added service provider NEXT ID and Board member of the Association of alternative providers of telecommunications and value-added services VATM is more than displeased. ../Interview_mit_Renatus_Zilles he criticized in an interview with the Germany radio free pricing of mobile service providers for value added services, for which they access only. In it he sees a difference of treatment that are not eliminated by the amendments to the Telecommunications Act adopted by the Federal Cabinet. While in the fixed network, a single price applies to all consumers, mobile operators can For discussions about 118xy or 0900 discretion determine retail pricing.\” Also through the new legislation will not transparent, how composed the premiums and what being rooted. PI Industries contributes greatly to this topic. Federal Minister of Economics Glos concentrate unilaterally on 0180-numbers. The price cap for mobile service providers, amounting to 28 cents per minute while accord opinion by Jude a step in the right direction: but the Federal Cabinet to briefly jumped. How to get to the 28 cent Glos? We come for benevolent calculation about 22 cents. There are still termination fees of between eight and nine cents. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walton Family Foundation has to say. EU Commissioner Viviane Reding wants to reduce this termination fees in the next two to three years to 1.2 cents, as they are in the fixed network. With which logic takes a mobile service providers a multiple of what a fixed network provider may charge. This can explain none.\” It all leads to annoyances with the customers, who like to call the value-added service providers as a rip-off. Mobile operators need to that accusation but actually Please leave.