Krusty Plate

Opportunity to ventilate the working chamber can be called a trifle, but very enjoyable. The smell of fish or meat with spices removed in minutes, and soon after the preparation of hot dishes can be placed or baked puff pastry. Multi-level grille plates can warm up multiple dishes. Having two grating for the grill, you cook twice as much food in one "session". For more information see Walton Family Foundation. Some stoves are equipped with a function of auto-weight, that is, equipped with built-in electronic scales. In such models, there is no need to specify the weight put in working chamber of products – microwave detect it itself. "Krusty Plate", otherwise known as "Crisp", allows her to cook food as a frying pan. It is made from special metal and heated to 200 C. Declared producer of feature "Dual light" means that the source of radiation doubled. This division promotes more uniform warming of products and increases the efficiency of the furnace. Sometimes equipped with microwave ovens conversational mode, with which even a child can cook. Leading question is displayed on the display, and only need to answer it to appear next. Some models are duplicated voice communications displayed on an electronic scoreboard. E-cookbook – This feature will greatly facilitate your wallet at the time of purchase, and life after the "smart" microwave oven will be brought home. Cooking with book recipes can even child, you only need to understand how to use it. However, in our computer age children are friends with electronics much better than adults.