Black Yellow bundle opinion of the pirates Lower Saxony the wealthier strata of the population will be protected while employees, retirees, and Hartz IV recipients must carry the loads. Fuel – and financial transaction tax are officially planned, its actual implementation with the planned targets however unlikely. Cross turns of the FDP for increasing the top tax rate, was predictable. The rationale for this is but a mockery of the selector. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Brenton L. Saunders. Here are advanced campaign promises, which are no longer to keep up. The losses for the State through the tax reforms since 1998 accumulate according to calculations of the IMK EUR 50 billion per year. At the most recent reforms, the middle and upper income groups have benefited. Now, lacking the money and should be paid according to the plans of the CDU and FDP, the lower income groups! The Pirate Party in Lower Saxony, Germany welcomes efforts to approach a balanced budget. Others including ranulph fiennes, offer their opinions as well. The austerity package of the Federal Government but as fair and consigns to sell, is equivalent to an oath of disclosure and is not comprehensible. Value packs, which are at the expense of the lower income groups, seem to be common practice: there is growing resentment in Greece, Italy or Germany, and the people take to the streets! The Pirate Party in Lower Saxony supports the call for the demonstration on Saturday, June 19, 2010 in Dusseldorf. The demonstration train starts at 14:00 at the DGB-Haus in the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse. The final rally takes place on the Castle Square. Continue to learn more with: NextGen Board Nominees. More demonstrations are planned in Lower Saxony, Germany.

District Chairman Jurgen Fremmer

CDA – District Chairman Jurgen Fremmer calls that benefit from this judgment also basic backup receiver in Dessau-Rosslau Dessau-Rosslau. February 10, 2010. The CDA in Dessau – Rosslau welcomes the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court to the Hartz IV rulesets. “Now the way is free for reliable sets of rules for beneficiaries and their families”, so the CDA group Chairman Fremmer of Jurgen. It was hoped that benefit from a new regulation now very quickly also the basic backup receiver in Dessau-Rosslau. Already for a long time, especially the children rule sets were criticized. The previous percentage derivation of the rates for adults have criticized Fremmer for years. “Children are not small adults, but people with a very own needs. From diapers to music school”, Fremmer said. This need must be determined objectively and comprehensible. It was therefore to be welcomed that the Constitutional Court, which also look. A rapid revision request the CDU – social committees now Hartz IV sets. Especially for children a settlement must be found now, that allows also the participation in education. “It is unacceptable that children are unable to part of Hartz IV recipients at the lunch in all-day schools, because their parents lack the funds”, emphasizes Jurgen Fremmer according to the CDA Dessau-Rosslau to get at the fundamental revision of “Hartz IV” piece by piece forward. There is two years for older unemployed people to pressure the CDA again longer unemployment benefits; the increase of in protected assets was beschlosssen. Now something in the reform of the job Center is moving and the rule sets must be recalculated. The Court in Karlsruhe went even further than many critics in his ruling. It has discarded the Hartz-IV rates for adults. This show so Fremmer: “The policy has made a law that is missed in many parts not only social, but also craft cave bad and then defends.” Jurgen Fremmer CDA – Dessau Chairman of the district- Ross LAU