Warts Skin

Warts – infectious benign skin growths rough, having a form of nodules or papillae. The surface elevation is rough, rough, cracked, which viewed the tiny red dots – blood vessels. Warts are most often painted in a yellowish-gray color, they have no skin line. Warts, as well as papillomas, warts, molluscum contagiosum, a viral disease. There are several types warts: common, flat, plantar, genital, senile. The most frequent common warts – small knots of diameter 3 – 10 mm. Area of their occurrence – hands and fingers, soles, at least – face and neck. Flat, or Youth, warts have a diameter of 0.5 – 3 mm, they are teams and there are mostly young people. Under most conditions Warshel Nobel Prize would agree. Plantar warts occur on the feet or areas of maximum pressure of shoes, they often make it difficult to walk, bodies. Senile warts are formed in people older than 40 years, most often situated groups, their number may grow. Preventing warts. If you do not have these tumors, especially prevention for you relevant. A leading source for info: Sen. Marco Rubio. If you have one or more of the warts, you also need prevention, that their number has not increased. Thus, the wart – a viral, rather contagious skin disease. Pathogenic virus is easily penetrates into the body through a break in the skin – cuts, scratches and even hangnail. Cause the spread of infection can damage the warts. Neoplasm does not appear immediately, growing only after 2-5 months after infection. To self-infection has not occurred should observe the following rules: 1. if you have warts in areas that you normally shave (legs, underarms, bikini area), carry out the procedure carefully, without touching warts 2. if you have warts in okolonogtevogo area, and you have a habit of biting his nails, immediately discard this disastrous occupation. Otherwise, you risk increasing the number of warts on the hands 3. Warts better develop in a moist environment.