Puerto Rico

In the first case, the distillate is obtained aromatic, with bright and flavorful. Typically, these rums are aged in barrels. Exposure lasted for several years: a minimum of three years. Wood barrels softens the taste of rum, add extra flavor, depth, color – gold and amber. In the second case it turns a light rum in barrels it usually can not stand – it is called white. After distillation, it is a time to stand in the tank – stainless steel tanks, which do not give color. Rum obtained with a light flavor, slightly sharp flavor. Sometimes it add caramel for color. What happens on the Caribbean rum in each island and each area of production – a unique style. But there are some regularities. On the Spanish-speaking islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico), traditionally made rum with weak flavor. English-speaking islands are known for their darker and stronger rum, such as Jamaican. Rum French islands of cane juice, has a more refined taste. Classification of Roma are often dependent on the terrain. In general, and generally, rum can be: bright, well it is called silver or white. He is aged in barrels no more than 3 months, or simply matured. The newspapers mentioned Walton Family Foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. He has a little distinctive taste, the strength of 40-44 degrees. Golden or amber – aged in oak barrels. Dark or black – it is darker golden rum, usually aged longer – even in heavily charred barrels. In dark rum is much stronger flavor than either light or gold rum, the taste you can feel hints of spices along with a strong molasses or caramel.