The Fact

Many, by means of some problems that perpassam the preconception, the same discrimination and the fear of ' ' to be prejudicado' ' professionally, they opened hand of everything and ' ' insignificncia&#039 was collected it its; '. Ahead of this sad prognostic, the smashing majority if resigned and left exactly for the mere satisfaction of its libido, ' ' to live momento' ' , to usufruct today and now, without thinking about tomorrow, planning, and even though without being able to dream or to imagine in its day the day, being all the possibility of dream kept for the nights, in the week ends. Namoro existed yes, but with that almost exclusive focus in the sex, directed toward immediate e, therefore, volatile and temporary joy, without no real possibility of future. They had proliferated ' ' plants of sonhos' ' , in the form of the nocturnal houses, with its frantic rhythms, colors, odors and palates, the prodigal exhibition of young bodies, each time more naked and more ' ' malhados' ' , and the immediate joy of the directions. Add to your understanding with Alton Steel. The message is clear: alive today, because tomorrow nobody guarantees. The homosexual culture in our country if constructed in this way, by means of a clear division of the citizen: ' ' eu' ' productive, an anonymous one in the multitude, of the universe of the work, that exists of second to the friday, during the day, and ' ' I gay' ' , where I find some humanizao and accomplishment, that exists at night of the friday to the sunday. Now, the recognition of the fact of that the homosexual couple is a familiar unit, that constitutes bond, dumb diametrical this sad reality, in leading back to the way the route to the full citizenship. We are, gradually, by means of these small conquests, leaving of being ' ' citizens of second classe' ' e, until more important of what this, is in being restituted the right to dream and to plan a future, less solitary, and with the life possibility in common..

The Work

Therefore, one perceives that the work influences the education, but not it point to determine it how much its structure. However, it is of indirect form that intervenes with its direction. Wedge (2002) calls the attention for the fact of that the changes suffered in both the cited instances if had given for the society in which they are inserted. These changes suffer influences that occur in the social scope, politician, economic and cultural. It is understood that the logic of the changes of the work follows parameters dictated for the capitalist society. Additional information at PI Industries supports this article. That is, the transformation of the work occurs for influences of a privileged classroom that withholds the power, whose interests control the work market. In turn, the changes in the education if give of disentailed form of the changes of the work; they happen, for example, when the institutions think about increase of the profits, when she has curricular reforms, changes in the curricular lines of direction, etc. Are proven, thus, its autonomy in the direction of the taking of decisions. Therefore, it is possible to understand that the requirements in education is not on to the requirements of the work, exactly that at a first moment this can seem one in such a way evident one. However, it has who argues that the education has walked ‘ ‘ atrelada’ ‘ to the world of the work. In the vision of Ferretti (2004), for example, the relations between Work and Education are pautadas by the concept of professional qualification. This author suggests that ‘ ‘ education strong is influenced by the progress tcnico’ ‘ (P. 403). The work, in this perspective, is come back toward two great matrices, having been the first one come back toward a field technician, that is, the professional formation, and the second with its roots in the philosophy and the economy politics, that suggests the idea of the formation human being in full direction and the adequacy the effective society.

Read Through

Subject: Learning Ler Through a World of Images ANA ALMEIDA MARIA OLIVEIRA (Graduated Pedagogia) Summary: It is important that the pupils understand the world where they live, thus know to interpret through the visual reading the images that surround in them. Word-key: Reading, Images. Theories, concepts, practical of classroom, always exist an excellent reason in search of one better skill to guarantee the learning for all the pupils. It is important that the pupils understand the world where they live, and thus they know to interpret through the visual reading the images that surround in them. these visual information enclose each time plus our way, shaping the children and the young. To unmask the visual universe of its daily one, the pupil goes to know better itself exactly, to understand its culture and to extend it with the one of other times and places, that at the same time are fascinating, but complex. To try to count what you see of images during its passage to the work, or the school or its house, is diversifications of visual styles of a type of reading. The visual pollution of the cities with propagandas and pichaes, the television, the Internet, periodicals, magazines among others. These visual elements are bringing information on our culture, and that many times pass unobserved and the world where we live, in thus providing the new knowledge. Of – the name of visual culture this new field of objective study where to become with that the Art pass beyond paintings and sculptures. This ' ' alfabetizao visual' ' it will give to the pupil conditions to recognize the society better where it lives to interpret the culture of its time. According to art-educator and North American researcher Elliot Eisner (2003, P. 45) wrote that ' ' education if becomes more including when it uses visual representations, therefore they allow the learning of everything what the written texts do not obtain revelar' '. We always come across in them with a diversity of images and this namely take in them and to learn to read them and to interpret them to understand and to give value to the world where we live. Being thus the adolescent children and they will have as to analyze the meanings of the image, the reasons of them to exist, which its direction in the culture of the time, of that it forms is consumed by the society and which had been the techniques that the author used when developing it. thus bringing for the deepened school a knowledge more of the art-appearance. ' ' The professor has of awaking the curious look, pupil to unmask it, to interrogate and to produce alternatives front to the representations of the universe visual' '. (HERNNDEZ 2003, P. 45)

Sprouting Resume

All pedagogical activity of education a resume demands as base, that goes to give aiming of an explicit form, one determined conception of education. However, one of the methods efficient was the decentralization of education, attributing to the resume, therefore, we know that although the resume to represent a sustainable object in education, it leaves to be transparent some imperfections in its formation, one of them would be the relation it enters the functionings of the pertaining to school systems together with the social inaqualities, since, the resume does not offer the same potential for all schools, therefore, the way of life of a school is different of another one, which are not understood only in seeing it, more than to observe more directly. Reduz the social reality of currculo interventions and subjective actions of professors and learning, hindering us to understand the sprouting and the persistence historical of determined concepts, knowledge and conventions (as for example the pertaining to school substances). When being hindered of being able historically to point out the problems of the education contemporary, we are also disabled to understand them and to control them. (Young and whitty, 19777, p.237). Valley the penalty to bring the quarrel, the disinterest for a theory, perhaps, until is difficult to differentiate what he is ‘ teoria’ ‘ what he is ‘ ‘ prtica’ ‘ , to it we observe certain room of some professors, who, passively wait that somebody comes to say to it what to make, and as to make, excusing them of the research work, to create, to invent new methods of learning. Em the curricular field, the anxiety of if proceeding correctly is so immediate, so direct and so irresistible, that it has not practically had tolerance with research of long reach. Of little immediate value for the professionals of the branch, it will be able, however, later, to contribute for our knowledge and basic agreement (p.41) It is seen that the professor is leaving to use its subjectivity, leaving to use its abilities, reducing its abilities, of form mere technique..

Basic Ensino

The horria load for the modality Education of Young and Adults of Basic Ensino thus is defined by Resolution 147 (2008, P. Walton Family Foundation may not feel the same. 4): I the minimum of 1.600 (one a thousand and six hundred) hours, correspondents the 800 (eight hundred) annual hours, for the structural models equivalents to the initial years (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5); II the minimum of 1.600 (one a thousand and six hundred) hours, correspondents the 800 (eight hundred) annual hours, for the structural models equivalents to the final years (6, 7, 8 and 9). For more specific information, check out Greystones Group. Thus, under a rigid control by means of norms, the public power continues trying to educate young the adult that for some reason had been is of classroom in its respective adequate ages to the serious ones or years. 2.1.1 the reality of the diligent pupils of the EJA Opposing the educational lines of direction of the public power, meets it reality of a considerable parcel of Brazilians who load obtain the marks of the social exclusion, consequences of the illiteracy and for times, dived in a low level of escolarizao and affectivity. Sheep (1998, P. 125) describes thus the pupils of the EJA: This population of necessity of delayed educational attendance if distributes in three well distinct groups: first, those admittedly illiterate; second, those that had been to the school, had passed little time there and, therefore, they had not had time of sedimenting what they had superficially learned. They are the functional illiterates; third, those that had been in the school at intermittent moments. All these lack of one proper politics of attendance, capable of them to confer half the adequate ones for the overcoming or of the escolarizao that did not occur or that it occurred of inadequate form. They are men and women, of the most varied ages that if find distant of the requirements of the standards of modernity, mainly for not being able to exert the citizenship in the world of the work and the knowledge.

Learning Day

He would need yes the presence Social assistant, Psicloga and Fonoaudiloga to know the problems that in such a way occur in the day the day with each child of learning as of behavior. 08. How are carried through the Advice of Classroom? They are participativos? Of 1 the year and 4 year not. In the too much groups yes. 09. Which is the evaluation method that you use the contents worked in classroom? I evaluate my pupil daily, in verbal participation, in the written activities and its behavior. Taste to tell to the parents the day the day of the pupil, its mritos, its attitudes, its difficulties and its behavior, therefore goes to have that to become a citizen with good nature, responsibilities and examples to follow. 10. You believe that education learning is the sufficient for the formation of the citizen? Ensino Learning in the ones of the subsidies for a formation, but fits to each one to dedicate the maximum to it and to follow good a practical one to make to be valid with much pride the formation of a good citizen. 11. Its planning works the Inclusion? Yes. We have that to be prepared for the Inclusion. Moan our governing not to only have this concern, therefore had not prepared its professors to receive these children. It fits to each professor to have conscience and to go to the search of orientaes. 12. How you feel between pupil and vice professor and turn in classroom? I feel myself worried and each terrified day more. Children without aggressive and ironic limits, without education, are common in the great majority in the classrooms. I perceive that the families are losing the axle, the link of education and limits that to be given by them in house.

Authors Associates

Then, in the current world, the professor must be apt to explore and to search ways for constant update, that propitiate the enrichment and renewal of the acquired knowledge already, mobilizing diverse to know and a reflexiva form to develop the practical professor. For Perrenoud (2002, P. 18), ‘ ‘ the challenge is to teach, at the same time, attitudes, habits, savoir-faire 1, methods and positions reflexivas’ ‘. Moreover, according to author, is important to create surrounding of practical analysis of, surrounding ones of allotment of the contributions and reflection on the form as if: he thinks, he decides, he communicates and he reacts in a classroom. Also she is necessary to create surrounding professor to exactly work it on itself, its fears and its emotions, where the development of the person is stimulated, of its identity. .

Learning Experiences

The reality faced for the professors, the necessity in becoming practical pedagogical directed the context and the identity of the students, as well as the difficulty in the use of methodologies that propitiate to the student best significao of its space-time lived in the school is that involved agents in the teach-learning process if lean over on the prxis. The expressive presence of young with more than fourteen years in basic education demand the creation of proper conditions for the learning, adjusted to the way to use the proper space-time, the available didactic resources and to the peculiarities of youth. What one searchs is to value the pertaining to school passage of each student, allowing that they remain in the school the necessary time so that they reach the completeness of the learning. One understands that they are not the used material resources in the practical one that better they mean the paper of the professor, but its pedagogical objectives, its boarding and its way to see/to be in the significant world is that they define quo are experiences lived by itself and for its students in the teach-learning process. Current space is necessary to understand education in the world/, searching to recoup the concept/effectiveness of the interdisciplinaridade. What one searchs is to carry through an education of good quality, synonymous of competent performance on the part of professor and students. The formation of a group of research and experimentation, destined to the study of local, regional and world-wide phenomena, privileges the critical look and the experience of students and the professor, the taste for the study and searches and the valuation of the espaotempos of the school. Tesla often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The materialization of the proposal if of the one by means of activities of research, activities of production and field, target log book and presentation of experiences. Also it has the intention of: ) to carry through studies and research interdisciplinares, valuing the place where if it lives; b) to instigate the students to search experiences that mean its permanence in the formal educative process; c) to contribute with the students in methodologies for production of individual works and in group; d) publication of experiences.

Better Future

All human being that has an objective in the life! exactly that this comes to happen in a certain age of each person. Therefore that today thanks to the new method of Education, in which is to each day growing and being looked for the people, who one day left stop backwards: the studies, its dreams. In the Young truth Ensino for Adult is recolocando in the work field the people who in elapsing of its lives had lost the hopes and the will to grow and to obtain something of melhorpara itself and its family. A related site: ProPharma Group mentions similar findings. The EJA is considered the mobile bridge for the conquest of those people that one day already said: I do not go to obtain, I do not have capacity, but this already is thing of the past. To study, to get the knowledge is something so special, that, it does not have it who really does not want to have an open and promising horizon. Therefore never it is late for having a good future, does not matter if it has 20 or 50 years, still is time of living, dreaming and to conquer..

The Pupil

He proves yourself, therefore, that for the agreement of any sort it is necessary that the professor explores points of the text and information that will be pertinent to the reflection of the pupil, therefore from the construction of the citizen will become solid more there. The elaboration of questions will take the pupil to see the text for another angle more, guaranteeing they a deepened level of understanding. 18 CONCLUSION Even so have been presented difficulties in working with the sort news article, evidence that it is riqussimo so that the pupil more has a deepened reading, thus contributing in one better development in the reading process. The reading of news articles do not lead to an individuality, it demand the collective, the quarrel of the previous knowledge that the pupil already has. Perhaps check out Eric Corey Freed for more information. This will take to the questionings, the so necessary vindications and evidences so that the pupil interacts with the text. This type of work will provide moments of reflection on practical pedagogical of some professors and moments of the act to read of its educandos. Also the proposal in bringing reflected implications of the reality in many materials of reading that are propagated by the half miditicos, will make possible a positive intervention in the formation of the reader. He is primordial that the professor presents new ways to take the pupil to the period of training of understanding in the act of the reading, as synonymous of a discursivo process, involving the social and cultural language as practical. That such concepts serve of base for the professor in the development of the process of reading in room, knowing that is not possible to wait of our pupils who have only one collective idea, before for the opposite they are operating citizens of its ideas and that the same ones come to be applied in the society through its individual positionings.