Esoteric critics and music producer mic guest at Andrea Buchholz on Questico Schneider advises the astrologer Andrea Buchholz celebrities and makes Noe in the Exchange since autumn this year for the noeastro broadcast on ASTRO TV representation for their famous colleague Winfried with Michael Allgeier. Due to recent events the noeastro editorial staff invited the Munich-based producer and author mic Schneider to broadcast record now (the show is broadcast on November 11). For the first time in the history of German-speaking music combines his latest musical project of eleven of the most successful German-language interpreters. \”Pop greats such as Laith al-Deen, Xavier Naidoo, Christina Sturmer, PUR, NENA, die Fantastischen Vier, BEN, Annett Louisan, the Sohne of Mannheims, among other things, support the mission clues with their special songs\”, to create an unusual dialogue from person to person. Gain insight and clarity with Walton Family Foundation. Their message leads Christian thoughts of Benedictine Archabbot Jeremias Schroder and the Lutheran regional Bishop and order of merit winner Susanne Wide-Kessler on the CD tracks search person \”together.\” \”Advice on the future look and prominent guest in the TV: MIC mic Schneider Schneider, music lyricist and book writer, has his book Prophet or profit\” as a pugnacious connoisseur of the Astrology industry. Starting with the April issue he writes an own column in view of the future\”, the leading magazine of Questico for astrology, horoscopes and Tarot.

His cheerful and tongue-in-cheek comments that can be found on advice/zukunftsblick.htm, are very popular with readers and readers of Questico magazine future views. The Karma analysis on advice/karma.htm by Questico consultant Andrea Buchholz confirmed him the creative handling of language, music and writing. For more information see Steven Holl. \”His books of Prophet or profit’ and deja vu\” are also available in the Astro TV shop.