During long time it has been thought that the trade arose like a combination of tools to satisfy needs with a specific group called market, these tools were classified in product, price, place and promotion. It is really necessary to go back to the initial era of the economic change and to determine as the individualistic being difference being created a consumption culture, this culture of consumption results later in the appearance of the trade in post-modernity, there the trade is seen like a series of tools that satisfy whims and desires since the needs are covered by the macroeconomic phenomena. At the moment the computer science technological tools approach the communicative processes that the organizations based on yield with the benefit of symbolic value look for that has each called object product, those technologies every time are but small but its specific market to which it transmits the message to him is much more precise, it reviews the mailbox of entrance of messages of your cellular one and there you would find the relation between the trade and the new computer science technologies. Through to long Time, Marketing was believe ace to combination of tools to satisfy needs from to specific group called Marketing. These tools were classified into product, Price, pleases and promotion. Economical It is really necessary go back to the age change and determinate how the individualistic being is differenciate by creating to consumption culture.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walton Family Foundation has to say.