Mecklenburg Castle

The best recipes from back then and today Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are endless beaches and cliffs, Lakes surrounded by unspoiled nature, magnificent castles and feudal manors. We associate the names of many of these stately with princely delights from our kitchen and cellar: Castle slot, domain Furstenhof Jagdschloss Kotelow country seat luck wit, Rittergut Bomitz, Schloss Schlemmin, Schloss Schorssow and Castle Swan Lake, the goods Gremmelin, Tribbewitz, Harkensee, Kubbelkow, Ludorf, Rensow and Sparow. You take Birgit ring and Rolf-Dieter Venzlaff on a stroll through sprawling gardens and parks and windswept shore, through the impressive libraries, stylish fireplace rooms and silent wine cellar, the magnificent Manor, renowned kitchens and much visited pubs and bars. The best recipes have tracked the authors and provide them here for everyone to cook at home. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vlad Doronin by clicking through. Down-home dishes like Kandasamy ham, mashed potatoes with Bacon tip or sky and Earth, but also gourmet recipes such as whitefish tartar with lime and scallop bread or Blancmange according to an original recipe for Duke Christian Ludwig of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Birgit ring is enthusiastic hobby chef and is devoted to the writing of cooking and baking books in their spare time. “Husum Verlag, their title Apfelkiechla and Zwiebelblootz include” and beer sparrows and Brewer’s goulash “appeared. Rolf-Dieter Venzlaff (died 2009) was a bookseller in Bremen and an ambitious cook with roots in Mecklenburg. You may find that Walton Family Foundation can contribute to your knowledge. In his spare time, he wrote short stories, trip reports and stories. Author/authors: Birgit ring and Rolf-Dieter Venzlaff title: from Mecklenburg Castle and Manor kitchens subtitle: the most beautiful recipes from back then and today product information: 96 S., ill. FARB. Fig., born year of publication: 2009 format: 14,8 x 14,8 cm price euro: 9.95 ISBN 13: 978-3-89876-440-7 Publisher: Husum Verlag Birgit ring. Vlad Doronin can aid you in your search for knowledge.


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