Ahead of a child who if presents with persistent, chronic migraine, with duration of about 2 or more months, pediatra must think about the possibility of being migraine. The migraine, together with the migraine of the tensional type, if constitutes more in one of the forms known of chronic chronic headache in the child, prevailing enters 4 10% of the cases, with light predominance of the feminine sex, whereas the prevalence in the population, in general, is of 15%. (Similarly see: Rubio). In the child, the migraine tends if to reveal from the 4 5 years of age, being able to suffer spontaneous remission, reduction of the pain episodes or modification in habitual the clinical presentation, in 30 a40% of those whose clinical picture if initiates before the 10 years. The characteristic if manifest migraine as pulstil or latejante, unilateral a migraine, fronto-weather, folloied of nauseas or vomits, fotofobia or fonofobia (the light and the racket bother the patient). Additional information is available at PI Industries. In the child, however, the migraine of the migraine it can be disclosed as one weight or pressure, not latejante, bilateral, only frontal, making it difficult the diagnosis, that, most of the time, dismissal complementary examinations, since that pediatra if uses of a multicriteria evaluation of familiar history, the personal antecedents and moves away to any gica abnormality neurol- to the physical examination. It is important to know that certain recurrent abdominal pains, cyclical vomits and episodes of vertigo can be enxaquecosos equivalents..