Without Speakers

Lausptecher are not more away thinking of our time. Yes, what would we do without speakers? Our lives, our daily routine would look completely different, which is ever secure. Eric Corey Freed is likely to agree. There is usually worry about speakers. They are there, they are normal, they are used subconsciously. Unless you want to for the home or the car according to good speakers get, the topic is interesting. Speakers can be found in all walks of life. Steven Holl is open to suggestions. At home, neither the radio nor CD of nor the TV goes without the speaker. They were already technically work, but a radio program without sound would be somewhat tedious. But also in many other areas it not go: In the car, at the railway station, on the bus, at the airport, a telephone or a mobile phone would be pointless without speakers. You can already see how important they are. Particular attention is always set to speaker if you have a music system or even a home theater and would like to have a sound that is so good, that there is no interference, that the sound is crystal clear, that you think the band would stand next to one or you would be doing a film right in the action. Because it is important what frequencies the speaker has, since performance is important and often also the volume. “” Where speakers Yes not according to “comes, but from the noun the sound”, so the sound. Because you can hear soft music with a speaker. And that’s sometimes beautiful, as if too far turned up the volume. But the quality of a speaker offers is important and only then the listening pleasure is perfect.

VdS Certified Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors by ELV: the danger a step advance blank, August 25, 2009 in Germany fires killed more than 500 people come each year. The majority of them die of smoke inhalation. Additional annual consequences of fire outbreaks in the private sector: about 5,000 injured, and property damage of over a billion euros. Two-thirds of all victims are at night in the bedroom of the flames surprised and have therefore little chance of survival. Smoke detectors can save lives in such situations has been proven and prescribed therefore even increasingly in residential buildings. With the intelligent smoke detectors RM 100 and the smoke detector BidCoS ELV with extremely long battery life offers maximum security with reliable alarm system in case of danger. A smoke detector can run its life-saving function at any time, is a high battery life of crucial importance. And if the Exchange is necessary, replacement batteries must be immediately and readily available. Therefore, ELV uses no rare Special batteries, but three all available standard AA batteries. It does not as usual for smoke detectors use more expensive 9-V block batteries, resulting in a more efficient operation with a long battery life. Battery life is virtually as long as the stock of appropriate batteries without using it is in use as a single detector at least seven, and depending on the quality of the batteries up to ten years Another important criterion in the choice of a suitable electronic Lifesaver\”represents the quality. The smoke detector by ELV have tested brand quality and are already after the new VdS guideline for radio smoke detectors as well as compliance with the new European device DIN EN14604. The easy-to-install devices suitable for use in new and existing buildings. Based on the photoelectric scattered light principle, the smoke detector monitors the room to smoke. Thus, an incipient fire is at an early stage recognized and warned in good time before the dangerous smoke gases.

Key Dial Pad

As a ‘Tipping Point’ of the mobile Internet of Dusseldorf/Berlin, may 2009 – mobile computer and Navis prevail more and more voice control according to a report of the computer information service (CID). But who wants to access the computer on the road, has not always the hands free or have set eyes on his environment. The Datamonitor Group’s market research experts here see the greatest opportunities for voice applications. Worldwide sales of so-called advanced speech recognition\”(ASR) should therefore increase in smartphones and mobile small computers by $ 32.7 million in 2009 to $ 99.6 million in 2014. For speech recognition in vehicles, analysts predict an increase of now $ 64.3 million to $ 208.2 million in 2014. Language computer count also for the search engines the most important instruments to conveniently serve the mobile Internet. So Yahoo from immediately the mobile phone application oneSearch voice \”for smartphones and the iPhone in Germany offers. The annoying typing on the small keyboard or the touch screen to fall away. It is now sufficient to pronounce the keyword by simply. Presentation of results for mobile displays optimized display: instead of long lists of links, Yahoo deliver structured responses by category. Looking for a League, for example, with the spoken input\”current soccer results, to obtain a variety of detailed results such as current scores, table summaries, photos, and links. The results are prepared according to Yahoo clearly into categories. The system is capable of learning: it always better adapts itself to the individual language of its user, the more frequently it is used. While most mobile voice recognition systems on individual categories such as local search are specialized, we offers users\”the opportunity to make open queries – with highly relevant results for any type of speech input, explains Michael Stenberg, partner Director Central & Eastern Europe Yahoo! mobile. Stenberg. For those who still prefer classic like, could use to the traditional text input.


Guaranteed color quality from scan to print many users know the phenomenon: the colors in the original template and the scanned image or in the expression are often slight variations in the color fidelity. Reasons for this can be, for example, lighting conditions in the room or fluctuations in temperature on the unit. The device-specific color spaces in the scanner or printer, for example, CMYK or RGB are another cause. The colors are not more accurately represented, there are casts or color distortion. But in many areas, as for example in the Reprography or catalogue creation correct color reproduction is particularly important. Color management is essential in this case with the help of ICC profiles for all involved in – and output devices. Many users access to an expensive and complicated profiling software. The online tool Scan2ICC is a simple and cost-effective way to install an individual ICC profile in just a few steps. Hear from experts in the field like Mehmet Oz for a more varied view. The user scans a target a special IT8 scanner calibration to do so. This target contains a A number of reference colors that covered the scanner. A special program analyzes the measured color values and calculate the ICC profile. For all subsequent scans, this profile is taken into account and ensures accurate scanning results. Changes are minimized by external influences. Creating an ICC profile can be repeated as many times as needed (E.g. when changing the environment conditions). It must be again scanned the IT8 target and saved the current ICC profile on the device. Keep the image reproduction in the entire process chain from the input device (scanner) colour-faithful up to the output device (printer), all participating devices need to be profiled. The scanner ICC profile can be applied in the context of the post processing of a photo editing program and processed. This color management allows also the adaptation of different color spaces (RGB) scanner and printer (CMYK). The result is a reproduction of the template that best matches the original in their colors.

Kabel BW Launches HDTV Offensive

Cable-BW is gearing up for the future and continues to expand its HDTV service. The cable operator Kabel BW plans expanding its HDTV offerings: both the free-TV and Pay-TV should be added to the existing offer to more attractive HD channels. A new pay-HDTV service to launch this year. For our customers, that are more than half of all TV viewers in the country, we want to put together a diverse and particularly attractive HDTV offer in the cable and to expand the portfolio to more HD channels. Currently we lead discussions, with all relevant partners, channel”, Stefan Beberweil, head of product management for Kabel BW. Already today, Kabel BW can customers with Premiere HD, Discovery HD, Anixe HD, Luxe HD, HD campus TV, Euro1080/HD and Deluxe lounge HD seven HD channels receive five free and unscrambled. In the premium segment we will this year launch a HDTV package and continuously expand the free HDTV offer”, so Beberweil next. The planned TV – and video on-demand services should from the outset Contain HD offerings. The complete modernisation of the cable network (99%), virtually all cable households in the country can receive high-definition television via the cable network. Unlike the DSL and VDSL providers there is no bandwidth or capacity bottlenecks at Kabel BW. Because the modernized cable always the full bandwidth available for TV, Internet and telephone. And everywhere not only in urban areas.

CRT Televisions

The accessory specialist ViTecco from Ronnenberg offers a signal converter, with which the Apple TV in the best possible quality can be connected to a tube TV with SCART connection with the SU 315. Many Apple TV – owners who want to send their good CRT TVs still in the desert know the connection problem. The SU 315 remedy here, he converts the YUV – signal from the Apple TV into a RGB signal and generates the Synchonimpulse new, any errors in the video signal will be hidden safely. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ProPharma Group. The sync pulses can be issued even either in positive or negative signal layer and are 1 VSS available either as a TTL level with 5Vss or video level. The SCART RGB output can be provided with 12 V – (4:3) or 6 V (16:9) switching voltage by pushbutton. The device is with a 230 V power supply unit equipped and can of course also for other video devices, the as high-quality output offered by the YUV output, be used as the example BluRay player or satellite receiver. The SU315 can be ordered directly from ViTecco.de for only 198,-EUR, the device is immediately available.