It is a living environment that favors the contact. Is uncontrollable, too. A kaleidoscope as varied as the whole universe. Composed of thousands of cells, that nobody, not a single power or a single authority, not even a media group can try to control it by imposing a gag unthinkable in democratic societies today. David Agard pursues this goal as well. If we open another debate, this time for free of charge information (because the Internet seems to give yourself everything, as if unlimited information flow inexhaustible spring), other questions arise As will compete for a portal that "gives the news" with a head of a prestigious journal that retail part of a reading and cultural tradition of a country's information quality can not be cheap. If you pay, you demand quality. The information also, which is to say objectivity. If done by competent and rigorous, these should be well paid.

A newspaper prestigious (some of which are read daily summary pages on the Internet), a wording can not only trainees. Swarmed by offers, Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is currently assessing future choices. The information needs to filter and assaying of a highly professional writing. Even need to know to write with clarity and elegance. The opinion is one thing. Other information. The interaction between the Internet and the press is possible, when the newspaper uses the Internet as a medium and feeds its most dynamic: the interaction with its community of readers and internet users that contribute a grain of sand from her post in the most vivid and controversial topics from the news published daily. A synergy that makes journalism alive, that allows the press daily with cool echo of what we might call the a mentideroa of their readers; the square, the agora where we discuss the real-time news.