After Germany radio promotes also HR for regional frequencies Hamburg, September 15, 2009. For its information Division the Hessian broadcasting now relies on taxi advertising. Hr info you keep driving so 150 Frankfurt taxi rooftop advertising announce it the next four weeks in the bankers capital. The far-reaching transport advertising implemented by TAXi AD from Hamburg and should strengthen the position of hr-iNFO in the news segment. At the MA 2009 II radio the information program of the HR its audience figures only 30 percent compared to spring increased. The HR is the second large broadcasters, which switches targeted regional taxi advertising.

Since 2004, the public information and culture channel Germany radio Bay combined media formats for TAXi-AD for new frequencies. Over 80 cities and metropolitan areas were conquered already via the roof and side advertising. Were the strengths of the medium as fast range construction and direct target groups effects at the PoS for the hr-iNFO Premiere campaign at the ultimate Frankfurt headquarters.