No power for solutions? -More than 800 political scientist discuss a week before the election in 2009 the 24th Scientific Congress of the German Association of political science (DVPW) takes from 21 to 25 September 2009 at the Christian-Albrechts University Kiel instead – and thus exactly one week before the elections in 2009. While the Congress of course also the upcoming election is devoted to, with his motto \”politics in climate change. He goes on no power for solutions?\”content. Climate catastrophe\”was the word of the year of 2007 Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change received the Nobel Peace Prize and the discussion about climate change dominated the headlines for weeks. The short-term interest of the media vary from environmental disasters. The ecological, economic and social problems of storms, droughts and floods are durable and ubiquitous: A challenge for science and policy. The problems of climate change are today with To edit effects for tomorrow.

How well placed the policy is, the political systems, their players, and last but not least, the political science, are to this the correct answers give? International, national and European, the world of politics has become unclear. There are clear conditions in the decades of the cold war, East West divide and welfare-State policies. Political room for manoeuvre were predictable, the framework comparatively stable, limited the player spectrum and limited to the political elites. Governance was still a foreign Word, and governance has been equated with hierarchical control. The society was stable and dominated essentially by contrast chapter and work still a well ordered, the lines of conflict.

Now, politics is confronted with a variety of interests, conflict situations and faults. At the same time, new horizons have opened, and policy encounters changed actors, interests, conflict – but also opportunity structures. The European Union and its members have evolved into a major action unit, in particular in regard to environmental and climate policy.