Monday: the potaje de berros is one of those dishes that there is no shortage in the Canary Island tables and menus of many bars, cafes and restaurants of the Canary Islands. Gallo Family is likely to agree. I personally love it because it has a different flavor, because that citric flavor of watercress, and is very pleasant to eat. Here, in the Islands, it is a unique dish, by what puts a little meat and pineapple millo, essential in a good Canarian stew, as well as the contribution of carbohydrates and grains that shouldn’t be missing from a good diet. Tuesday: If you visit the Canary Islands, you can enjoy almost anywhere a few good fish croquettes, usually accompanied by mojo green. They are my favorite croquettes, apart from the mushrooms and like everyone.

I invite you to enjoy good company and prepare them. Wednesday: Sonia, find happiness in small details, decided to award me the prize of your competition know your abuel @ for this traditional and flavorful recipes that is made flesh. As I said in the post on that recipe, am not very fond of meat, but prepared in this way is a delight. Thursday: I love rice and this seafood rice is for sucking fingers. It’s simple, but tasty and flavorful at sea, especially if we get some limpets or some good seafood shell. Friday: Canary Island rancho is a forceful dish, so, even if it is a stew, we will eat as a single dish.

I don’t know anyone who does not like and it is the contrast of dark beans with Mint is really delicious. Saturday: we will start the weekend with a dish with net sabor canario. Arrugas Octopus fried with potatoes and Mojo Picon tomato sauce will delight those who sit at their tables, because it leaves no one indifferent. I recommend it a lot, because now that approaches the good time, can make the Octopus to grilled and accompany it with a good piconcete mojo. I can assure you that they may not forget this way of eating Octopus. Sunday: we will end the week with dish emblem of the island cuisine, which is el sancocho canario. Sancocho is a dish that they won’t easily find in Canarian restaurants, except in some and very specific days and this is because it’s a familiar and festive, dish that is still preparing to designated occasions. And as the Canary Islands day is an important day, because we are going to celebrate it with a stew; with a few good potatoes and sweet potatoes, slice of salted wreck fish and, of course, the pella of gofio. All accompanied by a good red and watered mojo with red wine. It is not easy to eat for those who are not Canarian dish or, better said, do not live in the Islands, but the experience is well worth.