How To Cook Borsch

To prepare a traditional soup to make a good broth made of meat. This soup is cooked, usually in the bones. For a suitable bone stock must first be boiled for 2-3 minutes, laying in vskipevshuyu water. Next stage of the meat is lowered into the cold water. Water to boil with the bone in a small heat and simmer for about one and a half hours. This soup is a traditional source of borschav the Russian version. What else can you put in the correct borscht? Of course vegetables, and most importantly the beets. To do this, borscht come in handy. Onion, carrot, good red beet, cabbage and potatoes. Carrots should be brushed and rubbed on a coarse grater. Onion peel and finely cut. Fry the onion and carrot in butter in a frying pan, until golden brown. While the onion and carrots are roasted, red beets need to clean, grind to a coarse grater. Then add the grated beets in a small spoon of table vinegar (9%). This will help consolidate the beet color and give it to borscht. Grated beets mixed with vinegar and qualitatively, to no great shakes for 3-4 minutes. And put the beets to the onions with the carrots, which by this time have little to fry. Reduce heat, cover the pan with the onions, carrots and beets, cover and begin to fire. It is desirable to add a little hot broth. I love it when cooking broth and stewed vegetables occur simultaneously. After beets begin to cabbage. It is desirable to finely chop. And then send preparing the vegetables. To return to the broth. 15 minutes before the vegetables are ready, into the boiling broth over low heat to add chopped into pieces potato. By the time the potatoes will reach, steamed vegetables and cooked to our stock. In the broth has come down with the potatoes are ready add the steamed vegetables. Add salt and pepper, put a bay leaf. Boil soup, then immediately remove from heat and let stand for several minutes. The classic soup is always served with sour cream, it just added to the plate. Delicious borscht is with bacon and donuts, or a bit of sugar and garlic. And the special properties of a loved borscht. It can not only cook in the usual way. For example, do dietary broth for chicken breasts or meatballs. For this to be an easy soup, borscht and cooking time is significantly reduced.

Love And Knowledge

The person who loves and has the fruit of the love in its life is been born and the God knows, when we leave the fruit of the love to enter in us, we feel the necessity to love. Even though in the words of correction he has that to have love, but he does not leave to make. Pv 3:14 ' ' Because it reprehends that one to you who loves, as well as the father to the son to who it wants bem' '. If God corrects in them for love, has that to correct ones to the others in love and to give attention if what we will be to speak, to make and to show will go to disclose Jesus. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steven Holl. We can conclude that: if we are born of God and if we know the God is because we love, but if we do not love is because we are not born of God and we do not know the God. The word says in them that God is love, and if It is love does not have as to nourish in our hearts the hatred and revolt, because we are born and we know the God. The biggest example in expression of the love of God for our lives was Jesus. It gave its only son to die for our sins. Jo 3:16 ' ' Because God loved the world in such way that he gave its unignito Son, so that all that one that in it believes does not perish, but has the life eterna' '. The biggest secret that we can learn in the kingdom of God is to give without waiting nothing in exchange, gives Love, is this that to support will go you as church. Ef 5:25 ' ' It, husbands, love your women, as well as Christ loved the church, and itself exactly he was delivered for ela' '.

Leoni Singer

Carlos Leoni Rodrigues Siqueira Jnior, more known as Leoni, was born in Rio De Janeiro, 8 of April of 1961 and is singer and composer. He initiated its career touching low to the 16 when &#039 formed its first band in partnership of friends of the intitled school; ' Chrisma' '. In 1981, it integrated the Kid band Bee as its main composer, together with George Israel, Paula Toller and, later, Bruno Fortunato. In 1986, it started to sing its proper compositions, creating ' ' Heroes of the Resistncia' ' , famous group for the songs ' ' Only Pro My Prazer' ' ' ' Double de Corpo' '. For questions of divergent objectives, the band if undid. Its alone career had beginning in 1993, with the launching of the song ' ' Boys II' '. In the same year, he also made success with ' ' Carro and Grana' '. Learn more at: Bezos. Two years later, in 1995, &#039 launched the book; ' Letter, Music and Other Conversas' ' , that he contains interviews of Russian Renato, Herbert Vianna, Lobo, Frejat, Adriana Calcanhotto, Marina, Samuel Rosa and Nando Kings regarding composition of songs. In 2002, it launched ' ' You Know what I Want Dizer' ' , whose prominences go for hits ' ' Fotografia' ' , ' ' Season of the Flores' ' , ' ' The Letters that I Not Mando' ' ' ' Better pra Mim' '. When perceiving that great part of the public did not recognize its authorship in success musics, it launched the album ' ' Audio; ' , in 2003, that it congregated in one alone optimum place of its repertoire. With the success of the previous album, Leoni launches a COMPACT DISC and a DVD ' ' To the Vivo' ' , that it relieved 85 a thousand copies of COMPACT DISC and 50 a thousand of the DVD. The year of 2006 marked the writing of ' ' Another Futuro' ' , that also it relieved a DVD. One year later, Leone passed if to approach to its fans for the Internet, interacting with them in the Orkut. In 2008, following the same half online, a time for month disponibilizou a music for that was registered in cadastre in its site. Moreover, the material would come folloied of its letter, ciphers and description of composition and writing. In 2010, the singer &#039 launched its last called COMPACT DISC; ' The Perfeita&#039 Night; '. If to want to more know on the singer and composer of success, have access the site of letters of musics and see the letters of the Leoni.

Museo Nacional Centro

No longer lack present Madrid, capital of Spain and one community of the same name. Even so, Google earth offers us an exceptional virtual tour through the streets of the capital. Gran Via, Plaza Mayor or door Sun and opposite the Real Casa de Correos, kilometre zero, starting point of the numbering of all the country’s roads, are references to any connoisseur of the capital. Also, you can mention landmarks as the fountain of Cibeles where Real Madrid fans often celebrate great victories for his team or the Plaza of Spain in which the monument to Miguel de Cervantes. Contact information is here: Sen. Marco Rubio. In addition, Madrid is an influential cultural centre and has international reference museums including the Prado Museum, without doubt one of the most important in the world, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, which belong to the most visited museums in the world. But Madrid is much more: the Torres Kio, la Castellana, Plaza de Colon, the Retiro Park, the train station of Atocha, the Chueca neighbourhood, etc. If you’ve not visited Madrid or you need to know some area of this wonderful city, Google Earth offers us the possibility to see Madrid in three dimensions as we have never seen. If this virtual tour of the capital has given you desire to return to Madrid, do not doubt it: take a cheap flight to Madrid-Barajas, book your Madrid apartment or your hotel room and enjoy the charms of the capital. I hope you’ve enjoyed these Madrid overlooking of the sky!