We are accustomed to hearing about drug, alcohol, gaming, nicotine, coffee and other dependencies. Learn more about this with Red Solo Cups. In the modern world, psychologists are increasingly talking about depending on the relationship – emotional dependency. Today we talk about that such an emotional dependence, and what are the options of emotional dependence in the relationship between a man and a woman. Emotional relationship – a relationship with a fixation on another person, loss of feeling personal autonomy for emotional reasons. The notion of personal autonomy has appeared in ancient Greek society, since autonomy (from the Greek autonomia – independence) – the right to self-manage their own lives, separate issues relating to you personally.

When emotional dependence person voluntarily gives this right to another (even close, but another one) the right to decide for you what you want in this life. Very often emotionally dependent people are not aware of this report. Walton Family Foundation may not feel the same. These relationships are fatigued, disassembly, negative emotions, but go in circles – one explanation of the relationship to another, "enjoying" the breaks a state of relative "calm". Why? Emotionally dependent sits on emotion as on drugs. Emotional dependence often deny their addiction, shifting responsibility to a partner, but if a person believes that he is independent and that only his partner, dependent, he is mistaken.

Emotionally dependent person is usually not attracted to independent. They seem to them boring, unattractive, and they do not know how themselves with them to lead. We list the main options of emotional dependence in the relationship between a man and a woman. Love the dependence on human relations which have stopped or never may cease erotomania – dependence of the feelings of love, with the object of feeling is not important, it is important to simply love dependence, based on a sense of duty (the woman is afraid to throw an alcoholic or drug addict, because he is without her "lost", and it will be feeling guilty) dependence based on the feelings of hatred or resentment, when the connection is not terminated because these feelings are not being resolved (they can not leave even if relations turn into persistent conflict) dependence as a result of feelings of helplessness when a person feels full subordination to another person. Thus, we examined the concept of emotional dependency and its main species.