What should be a real wooden bath, built with his own hands? Spacious. Comfortable. Modern. And most importantly – warm. Live in the warmth for a man as naturally as breathing and eating, so of warming future need to think more baths in the planning stage. Warming of the attic floor (in the case where an unheated attic) begins with a vapor barrier devices.

For this purpose, podshivnoy ceiling plank layer polyethylene steklogidroizola or felts. Following the slag is poured, concrete block or stacked fibrolitovye plate. The main requirements for the heater: first, the resistance to fire, and secondly, the quality of the heat thickness of the insulating layer (in the continental climate) should be equated with 25 cm of mineral wool. On the insulating layer is applied sand and cement screed at least 3 inches thick and running boards. If attic plan arrangement of the heated attic, you can get good sound insulation. Warming of the attic is as follows. On podshivnoy ceiling, consisting of two layers of planks to 4 cm thick layer of vapor barrier is placed. The joints are glued and vapor control layer of special adhesive tape.

On his plank insulation – polystyrene or mineral wool 25 cm thick. Applied on top layer of waterproofing. Then arranged crate and after – the roof. Sex in the bath with non-heated ground floor should also be warmed. Internal insulation is insulation bath walls inside. Traditional plaster though and has insulating properties, but the effect of them poor.