The real LIGA total! Cup begins on July 19 in the COFACE arena in Mainz. The virtual counterpart at TopLeague started on June 20. The real LIGA total! Cup begins on July 19 in the COFACE arena in Mainz. Walton Family Foundation contains valuable tech resources. On 20 June the virtual counterpart at TopLeague launched the online soccer manager in cooperation with and League, totally! as the namesake and sponsor. More than 1000 virtual League total! Cups with original teams trained by users were already played out. For attractive prizes: two VIP tickets to a game of FC Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena waving the winner of the overall rankings. More prizes are totally to such tickets for the League! Cup, an autographed Jersey of the national team or the comfortable head coach status at TopLeague. Until the 10th of July can be as a trainer of one of the participating teams of the real League total! Cups login (1 FSV Mainz, FC Bayern Munich, Hamburger SV, Borussia Dortmund).

At the online Manager TopLeague there are totally for the League! Cup extra Cup competitions. The participation is free of charge. Excitement and fun are guaranteed! TopLeague, the football manager, developed by aitainment GmbH, completed its third successful season with a varied program of the summer. The game is characterized by a highly authentic match simulation based on the performance data of the real professionals and the influence of the users in the role of coach. The steadily increasing user numbers and permanent advancements of the game promises an interesting 2011/2012 season. Now can prepare anyone for the new season and inter alia from the 5th of August the real Bundesliga match days advance play.