The company "Express-Auto" announces the introduction of new prices for the services of renting vans, as well as changing the standard terms and conditions of the contract with the organizations. Now leasing for corporate clients mirkoavtobusa performed on new, significantly more favorable conditions to ensure long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Order a van – a service required as private individuals and organizations. Perhaps no areas where vehicle would not be profitable or simply indispensable: – Order vans for business trips: if you want an organized and easily get to your destination in a city or region (for example, to arrive at the exhibition or bypass offices in the area), then the vehicle will be much more economical than multiple machines. – Rental of vans for regular passenger transport: the regular services (eg, construction workers or other personnel to object) vans are available at a special price. n. – Order a minibus for transport complex: you can carry stretcher cases, fragile goods, electronics, requiring specialist care, as well as different animals, expensive – rent a van for events, from meetings at the airport at the jubilee to the transportation of the registrar to the banquet hall at a wedding – the most cost-vans and optimally solve any issues. – Order a minibus for transfer: you can rent a vehicle for organizing the meeting and transport arriving guests. They can be delivered to the hotel or to the place of your event, and then, at the end – brought back to the airport or train station.

– Rent a van for transport of goods: any goods from the office equipment when moving to the sound equipment for performances and show events can be delivered by van. The advantages of this mode of transport in the agility and the absence of restrictions on travel around the city. Of course, the book is only the vehicle of the company, which provides the highest-quality and effective services. Moscow company "Express-Auto" offers a very interesting conditions for a permanent partnership (which is important for different legal entities, requiring frequent enough passenger and freight), as well as introducing a new pricing policy of crisis management, which makes custom vans fully accessible to almost everyone. "Express Auto" has its own fleet of vans only works with professional staff and currently serves more than 40 different companies, and has very good recommendations from patrons. More accurate prices and more information about ordering a van You can at