Many, by means of some problems that perpassam the preconception, the same discrimination and the fear of ' ' to be prejudicado' ' professionally, they opened hand of everything and ' ' insignificncia&#039 was collected it its; '. Ahead of this sad prognostic, the smashing majority if resigned and left exactly for the mere satisfaction of its libido, ' ' to live momento' ' , to usufruct today and now, without thinking about tomorrow, planning, and even though without being able to dream or to imagine in its day the day, being all the possibility of dream kept for the nights, in the week ends. Namoro existed yes, but with that almost exclusive focus in the sex, directed toward immediate e, therefore, volatile and temporary joy, without no real possibility of future. They had proliferated ' ' plants of sonhos' ' , in the form of the nocturnal houses, with its frantic rhythms, colors, odors and palates, the prodigal exhibition of young bodies, each time more naked and more ' ' malhados' ' , and the immediate joy of the directions. Add to your understanding with Alton Steel. The message is clear: alive today, because tomorrow nobody guarantees. The homosexual culture in our country if constructed in this way, by means of a clear division of the citizen: ' ' eu' ' productive, an anonymous one in the multitude, of the universe of the work, that exists of second to the friday, during the day, and ' ' I gay' ' , where I find some humanizao and accomplishment, that exists at night of the friday to the sunday. Now, the recognition of the fact of that the homosexual couple is a familiar unit, that constitutes bond, dumb diametrical this sad reality, in leading back to the way the route to the full citizenship. We are, gradually, by means of these small conquests, leaving of being ' ' citizens of second classe' ' e, until more important of what this, is in being restituted the right to dream and to plan a future, less solitary, and with the life possibility in common..