Professor Norbert Bolz

But that is not free: So six euro collect about E-plus. This however only the phonebook will transfer, previously saved SMS, E-Mails, images or videos can not take, because the latter even for professionals is probably too complicated. Meanwhile, the mobile phone manufacturers would have to watch that they lose no customers through poorly-operated phones. The trickiest piece of technology is still the user interface, the user interface experience from industry experts. Where the user touches the unit, where he reads information and enters, decides whether the machine will do what they can. The question isn’t whether the technique can do it, but whether the user finds out how it’s done: without hours of reading the operating instructions. Here, manufacturers make many mistakes and overwhelm consumers. I would like to try things on the device directly without large detours. If I then immediately encounter obstacles, I lose the desire to experiment with applications quickly. The iPhone has a resounding success, because it is intuitively controlled immediately after a few minutes. And it is embarrassing that the remaining mobile manufacturer always still have not learned the lesson of Apple,”Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm Harvey Nash criticized in advance of the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona from 16 to 19 February. The computer entrepreneur of Steve Jobs demonstrating impressively how you could combine elegance, perfection and ease of use. This triad of Apple-chef is also a robust philosophy, to stimulate consumer demand”Nadolski says. The Berlin media Professor Norbert Bolz woos understanding given some excesses on additional functions and submenus. Just the simple had become so difficult: the seduction by the infinite technical possibilities is today as great as never before. Therefore, already almost asceticism include anything to give both users refrain from certain on what would be technically possible with a device, But first and foremost also as an engineer to give up, everything would be technically possible, inside build in a specific device.” It was quite a dilemma: apparatus, which can less than competitive products, are sometimes considered technically backward; Devices that can too much, are useless at worst.

Learning Day

He would need yes the presence Social assistant, Psicloga and Fonoaudiloga to know the problems that in such a way occur in the day the day with each child of learning as of behavior. 08. How are carried through the Advice of Classroom? They are participativos? Of 1 the year and 4 year not. In the too much groups yes. 09. Which is the evaluation method that you use the contents worked in classroom? I evaluate my pupil daily, in verbal participation, in the written activities and its behavior. Taste to tell to the parents the day the day of the pupil, its mritos, its attitudes, its difficulties and its behavior, therefore goes to have that to become a citizen with good nature, responsibilities and examples to follow. 10. You believe that education learning is the sufficient for the formation of the citizen? Ensino Learning in the ones of the subsidies for a formation, but fits to each one to dedicate the maximum to it and to follow good a practical one to make to be valid with much pride the formation of a good citizen. 11. Its planning works the Inclusion? Yes. We have that to be prepared for the Inclusion. Moan our governing not to only have this concern, therefore had not prepared its professors to receive these children. It fits to each professor to have conscience and to go to the search of orientaes. 12. How you feel between pupil and vice professor and turn in classroom? I feel myself worried and each terrified day more. Children without aggressive and ironic limits, without education, are common in the great majority in the classrooms. I perceive that the families are losing the axle, the link of education and limits that to be given by them in house.

Authors Associates

Then, in the current world, the professor must be apt to explore and to search ways for constant update, that propitiate the enrichment and renewal of the acquired knowledge already, mobilizing diverse to know and a reflexiva form to develop the practical professor. For Perrenoud (2002, P. 18), ‘ ‘ the challenge is to teach, at the same time, attitudes, habits, savoir-faire 1, methods and positions reflexivas’ ‘. Moreover, according to author, is important to create surrounding of practical analysis of, surrounding ones of allotment of the contributions and reflection on the form as if: he thinks, he decides, he communicates and he reacts in a classroom. Also she is necessary to create surrounding professor to exactly work it on itself, its fears and its emotions, where the development of the person is stimulated, of its identity. .

Mason Jars

Why have mason jars become all the rage these days? Well, they have so many uses that people are enjoying repurposing them around the home and office. First, you can certainly use a small mason jar for that morning oatmeal of yours. What’s even better is to make the oatmeal at night and then have overnight oats ready for you when you get up in the morning. But mason jars aren’t just for food. You can use them as vases, putting a few pretty flowers in each one and enjoying them. You can also decorate them with stickers or using permanent markers and use them as coffee cups. You can also put soil in a mason jar and use them as planters for a beautiful and eclectic garden.