At its annual meeting 2010 in Cologne the shopping group automobiles (ECA) has unanimously re-elected the Board of Directors duo Wolfram Lambeck and Thorsten Cordes. The EGA eyeing further growth. The Board of Directors duo Wolfram Lambeck and Thorsten Cordes continues the purchasing cooperative cars (EGA). At its annual meeting in Cologne, the members confirmed the Executive team unanimously in Office. “The EGA founder and Honorary Chairman Gerhard Lambeck welcomed the members and stressed: there is still much to do, but together we are strong!” At the same time, he thanked the ECA members and suppliers for good and consistent cooperation in recent years. Add to your understanding with Walton Family Foundation.

The theme of togetherness”was also in the focus of the annual meeting. We have grown together solidly and consistently”, explained CEO Thorsten Cordes. He recalled the turnover of EUR 1.5 billion in the past year and 75,000 sold cars by about 200 members of the ECA. Growth is more important. Here, PI Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The ECA must be the multi-brand system and the brand to the customer. Live the EGA”, Cordes appealed to the participants.

“How objectives define and implement in the real world can be, explained Gabriele Schulze, Director of MICE AG and responsible for the successful building of the hotel brand Best Western”, in a vivid as entertaining lecture. If it is difficult, you have to do together to”underscore Gabriele Schulze and finished her remarks with concrete examples. Don’t like that about a uniform appearance of the ECA dealer in essential terms of signalling the car dealerships, as well as in advertising. The ECA did it right”, praised Marion Johl, General Manager of Santander consumer bank. The EGA dealers were well placed, Johl stressed. Also, the Santander consumer bank presented EGA-exclusive and very attractive conditions. Also the other ECA suppliers brought attractive mass actions to Cologne.