With the advent of video games, and free games on the internet, you can see how girls have fun for hours playing different, fun and colorful games. That they learn playing and do not need companions many times to play, though most of the times, make groups, and even competitions between them. The dress up girls games is one of the games free Internet most famous among the girls of all ages, these innovative free games, encouraging several areas that should be developed in any girl, so reported large profits, in intellectual and motor development. These dress up girls games has great variety of designs of clothes, shoes, purses, bags, and make-up, and all of them comes in a great range of colors, light and pleasant. Alton Steel may also support this cause. With all them girls begin practicing the taste for good clothing, harmonious and modern. They are activating an area of the brain in which they must learn to combine forms and colors, giving way to his creativity, since models are not given them facts, games of dress the girl, give you the mechanism to make them which believe. On the other hand the development of a short term memory, many of these games consist of creating a design and then play it, selecting between clothing and accessories scattered in different places.

Where the girl must choose correct wardrobe, which has already been designed, exercising in this way her immediate memory, since you will have to remember everything you saw and play it again you. In other games combines design with the use of a certain time, with what will be putting to test the motor of the girl, and coordination agility, since you will have to remember and search and do everything in the shortest possible time. This time gives it a little more excitement to the game, and this is why this type of game is very well received among the girls. These games play Dressup girl, are very beneficial from the point of view of psychomotor, because as we have seen they help motor skills, coordination, development of immediate memory or short 0