The golf Caddy belongs to golf just who often plays golf, of course want to not give up a golf caddy. In addition to new and used Golf Caddies, there are demonstration models. Even when the golf caddy, there are always new products and new trends. Since usually only a golf caddy is required, the used are sold cheap to newcomers to this sport. With little financial effort, you can test whether this kind of sport is the appropriate.

Earlier, the golf Caddy was a person who brought the bags to the golfers. These people are today rarely used. Every golfer has his own golf caddy, he pulls himself over the golf course. The golf clubs, golf balls, rangefinders and accessories are housed in the caddy. Who wants to avoid the pushing or pulling, you can buy an electric caddy.

Equipped with a special lock, the good and expensive piece is not stolen. SurveyGizmo is the source for more interesting facts. For caddies, there are not only manufacturers, but also the various models from a variety of materials. So for example a caddy stainless satin-finished with a quiet and elegant wave form is offered and an ultra light Caddy made of carbon, which is not only young and athletic, but also elegant looks. All Golf Caddies can be quickly and easily folded and see any trunk space. The battery ranges from an electric Caddy at least up to the 36th hole, the charging time is approximately 4 to 6 hours. A pitch angle of 20 degrees and a speed of maximum 10 km/h are equipped with start and stop function, some golf Caddy s best suited for heavy terrain.