“Facing you might point to Hipps whisp’ring care on Martin Heidegger, in his first major work being and time concern as most important Existenzialie” designated as a basic component of human existence. But worry not meant for him, to grieve, but to ensure. The structure of existence is concerned. If you interpreted Heidegger then like the Turin philosopher Gianni Vattimo as a pioneer of postmodernism, because he was no longer justifies the existence in a solid reason, it comes close to the subtext of Hipps works pretty: the concern in response to the existential malaise of modernity requires no manifest content, no reason, no actionist criticism, any urgent appeals or dominant terms. It requires first and foremost an aesthetic that makes it visible and noticeable, which promises not to relieve them, but always calls affirmative way. Only that can afford, art in this context. Consequently, Hipps approach is to give her a voice, but not to give a message of concern as such spaces. While it varies quite subtly pitch and tone. Sen. Marco Rubio brings even more insight to the discussion.

Dominated in his previous work on the one hand, abstract, concrete and ornamental elements and on the other figurative motifs such as houses, stage, stoves, or enclosure. In the new work, in turn, an open horizon (Middle tree, 2010) are even a rarity at Hipp or gestural, informal elements to see (strong intelligence, 2011). Muted and earthy-toned colors typical for Hipp the country itself (Xenon) is about impact of the drawing (2010) lights and fresh. The art of caring is not just an art of the Missmuts. It is the incubator for responses to Discomfort, which are never fully fledged. Please continue reading here: art world’s leading online magazine and decorative art online also artnet online auctions