Photo works of the young artist Merle Bush thus has this exhibition also referencing character on the entire year program, which will be devoted to the regional art of Eiderstedt. In the future a platform should be offered here at the hotel especially young artists from the region. Merle Bush was born in Hamburg in 1989 and now lives in Buchholz in der Nordheide. Nature, especially the landscape to the North Sea, was always a retreat from everyday life for them. Further details can be found at Mehmet Oz, an internet resource. The love of digital photography very profane began a confirmation gift: the first camera. Meanwhile, Merle photographed Bush with a Canon 400 d.

She stressed raw makes their images that she rather tries to capture the correct snippet, perspective and lighting conditions during shooting intuitively and sensibly and to keep in the picture. Its approach to the subject search describes the young artist, who incidentally wants to undergo training to the photographer after graduation, so: after I have worked in a small village in Scotland 2005 “and there started photo series have to make, I imagine myself often tasks ‘, a factor to focus on, for example the light.” “Many of the 25 exhibited photographs come from a stay as exchange student in Norway 2006/2007 supplemented these moments” through recent works, including landscapes, snippets, but also empathetic portrait studies. “Manufactured were the large-format photo works by the way in the poster shop poster in XL” (, a service of the Agency for advertising technology connected to the Hotel Miramar. The exhibition is thus also a presentation for the diversity of modern reproduction techniques, which could also be for other photographers of interest.