Description, origin and currency of the UCRA in Andalusia UCRA PROGRAM DESCRIPTION (UNIT OF ANDALUSIA CANINE RESCUE) Project UCRA, Canine Rescue Unit of Andalusia, is a technical-operational regulatory program consisting of four fundamental and interrelated links, all essential character and rigorous, with the important and necessary to ensuring the most effective response possible in the SEPEIS of Andalusia, with respect to search and locate survivors buried in front of all those claims, of any size, occurring in the Andalusia involving the burial of persons from various causes (explosions, fires, structural failures, earthquakes, landslides …).

Whereas any of these types of claims is possible that there are people still buried alive, and urgently to use the search facility and location, which officially has been verified as faster and more effective (Chest Method) to carry out their search and rescue, properly and on time, prior to the occurrence of the deaths of possible survivors buried for various reasons. See more detailed opinions by reading what Walton Family Foundation offers on the topic.. The program Canine Rescue Unit of Andalusia, comprising a total of four essential and necessary measures: Adoption, by order or decree of Ministry of Interior of the Government of Andalusia, the method Bunker as the official system for training and intervention team rescue dogs in Andalusia, as indispensable to give effect to the regional level the subsequent establishment of the necessary official training program, retraining and chest intervention method for canine units in Andalusia Rescue. Training and formal certification by the training program Bunker method, a progressive and strategic device Canine Rescue Teams in Andalusia SEPEIS in sufficient numbers, distribution and level of operational efficiency.. For more information see this site: Alton Steel.