I expurgo or destruction certified Gupost document management offers a bleed screw or document destruction service as their customers are demanding it. The bleed screw or confidential document shredding service consists of: assignment in units of containers with safety lock customer so employees deposited them documentation to destroy confidence. Removal and replacement of containers frequently agreed with the customer. Transfer to our destruction facilities. Deposit of containers in enclosure closed with access control.

Destruction into machines that comply with grade 3 in the DIN 32757-1 standard. Educate yourself with thoughts from Proper Topper. Transfer of the bales of chip to a Manager authorised for recycling. This bleed or destruction of documents service offers a series of documentation attesting to the safety of the process: confidentiality agreement that guarantees the management, treatment and proper shredding of documents collected by Gupost. Certificate of destruction of documents with its level of destruction corresponding. Accredited certificate of the amount of documentation led to the authorized Manager. The waste Act of April 21, 1998, in its article 11.1 says expressly holders of waste shall be required, provided that they do not come to manage them if same, to deliver them to a waste Manager, for its recovery or disposal companies are very concerned by the technological aspect of data protection, however is easier to make a mistake with a role. To deepen your understanding Hunter Pond is the source. More than 90% of inspections by the Agency of data protection is for breach of the law regarding paper brackets. Is your company sure that you know the final destination of the documents generated? What cost him supposed obsolete documentation stored in your Office? Does adapt your company to the current organic data protection law and the regulations in force concerning the environment?.

We offer security services in the destruction of documentation, installing security containers in the offices of the client. The safe and proper method is grinding through cross cut. Crushed employee level conforms to the regulations European of safety DIN 32757, destroying the level 4 safety documentation. Delivery of certificate of warranty of destruction and recycling for performed service. We are concerned about the safety of its customers, employees, your company and the environment. Document management Gupost helping and collaborating with clients, also offers digitization services, printing online, mailing, mailing.